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Booking Mobile Blender Animation with UI
Booking Desktop Blender Animation with UI
Belfort Light Projection in After Effects
I'm Andreea
I'm a creative developer with a passion for front-end development
and for trying new things. Curious about my experience?
  • continuous learning
  • teamwork
  • openness
  • problem-solving
  • flexibility
  • communication

About Me

My coding journey started with foundational Computer Science studies, leading to a front-end role in a close-knit company where I got familiar with tools like Laravel, Git, and jQuery, and even took my first step in design for a touristic site. Freelancing added new dimensions to my journey before I chose to expand my knowledge at Devine, Howest, where design, development, and UX are the core studies. When I'm not coding or designing I like discussing tech and sharing insights. There's always something new to learn, so I'm eager to see where technology will take me in the future.
Main techstack: React, React Native, jQuery, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Git, GSAP
Familiar with: Svelte, Laravel, Three.js, ml5.js, GraphQL, PHP,, WebRTC, Arduino, C#
Student work
student years
Belgium, 2023
React Native App with Expo Go
For the Creative Development course, I made a React Native project in order to get familiar with creating apps for mobile devices. My app consisted of a plant watering schedule tracker with features such as adding new plants to a plant list with photo, name, water schedule, and a watering schedule that tells you 2 days in advance which plants will have to be watered soon.
Belgium, 2022
GSAP-Powered Scrollytelling For Mobile Only
For the Creative Code course, I undertook a GSAP project focusing on responsive coding and complex animations in line with the theme of storytelling. I narrated a tale from my typical Romanian childhood about the evening of St. Nicholas. Using standard HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and GSAP, I navigated the challenges of integrating CSS with GSAP animations to bring my story to life.
Belgium, 2022
"Rock, Paper, Scissors" using ml5.js
For the Creative Code course at Devine, I undertook a project using ml5.js to explore AI. I revamped "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to allow players to physically form their choice instead of clicking it. The primary challenge was preventing the AI from misinterpreting random hand movements as game poses. This was addressed by training the AI with numerous "neutral" poses.
Professional experience
years work
PTM Group
Belgium, 2023
Student job as web designer for internal apps
CVX Digital
Romania, 2021
Presentation website for agriculture producer
CVX Digital
Romania, 2021
E-commerce website for natural supplements shop
CVX Digital
Romania, 2021
Website for Peugeot reseller
CVX Digital
Romania, 2020
Portfolio website for marketing agency
Romania, 2018
Booking & presentation website for accomodation in Bukovina