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Start reading my winter story

It was the eve of
Saint Nicholas feast

It started as a clear, crisp winter night

with shining stars and a bright moon

looking down over the mountain town

where I lived as a child.

That evening, my parents left me

alone at home for a very short time.

I had nothing else to do but daydream

about the presents from the Saint.

Suddenly, I hear the front door shut.

I run to see my winter boots

filled with sweets and presents.

I hastily open the front door hoping to

catch the Saint running away, but I'm

met with a still winter landscape.

Soon after that, my parents got home
and I excitedly told them that the Saint
was here just a moment ago.

And this is how I got tricked into
believing in Saint Nicholas.

And if you'd like to know more about
how Saint Nicholas visits children
in Romania, follow this link.